Playing Field & Pavilion

In 1896 the parish council received a petition asking for the provision of a new recreation ground, so a lease was negotiated with Lord Sondes for the land which became known as The Green Field. In 1914 this was then purchased with a 30-year loan. Rather than cut the grass the Parish Council had it grazed by cattle which must have made playing football an interesting experience!

The first wooden pavilion was built in 1923, and this was still standing as a rather derelict green shed on the north side of the field in the 1970s.

The field is set out with a football pitch, cricket square, two tennis courts, a skateboard ramp and kickboard. 

To obtain more information or enquire about booking please contact Ann Ferris by emailing or by 'phoning 01362 668580

Playing Field and Pavilion

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