The Charity of Annie Mary Smith

The Charity of Annie Mary Smith

Annual report from the Trustees

Charity Registration No 210490

At the time of the sale of the Sondes Estate, Annie Mary Smith purchased 29 acres 2 roods 7 perches of land that had been used as allotments since the early 20th century. 

After her death in 1939, she left the land to the Parish, this with the stipulation that it would be run by the Parish Council and should continue to be used as allotments and should not be built on.  The Charity of Annie Mary Smith was formed in 1940 although it was not formally registered with the Charity Commission until 16th November 1965. 


North Elmham Parish Council

Current Management Team: Martin Phillips


Charitable Objects

1.To provide allotments for the inhabitants of the village of North Elmham to provide food and recreation

2.To provide income to the Parish to such charitable purposes to the general benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of North Elmham as the trustee think fit.



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