The Parish Council is comprised of eleven voluntary councillors, with minutes and general administration undertaken by the Clerk to the Parish Council, Kevin Webb.

Kevin Webb, Parish Council Clerk

Kevin has been Parish Clerk since 2009, having previously spent twenty two years as a Manager of HSBC Bank and then twelve years as general manager of a large transport & logistics group.

Kevin can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone 01328 855046


Contact details for the individual councillors, together with their specific areas of responsibility can be seen by looking at the pages on the left.

An overview of areas of responsibility:

Finance and Administration

Eastgate Centre Trustees:

Tom Fitzalan Howard (Leader), Martin Phillips, Paul Grainger

Elmham Charities Trustees:

Martin Phillips (Leader), Jennie Borgnis


Martin Phillips (Leader)

Village Facilities

Broom Green, Pound, Millennium Wood:

Jennie Borgnis (Leader)

Cathedral Meadows and Ruins:

Ann Keeble

Prince William Wood and Tree Warden:

Tom Fitzalan Howard (Leader), Colin Smith

Recreation and Sporting Facilities

Playing Field and Pavilion:

Booking enquiries for the Pavilion: Ann Ferris

Village Green:

Colin Smith

Footpath Warden:

Jennie Borgnis (Leader), Ann Ferris



Paul Grainger


John Labouchere (Leader), Martin Phillips, Tom Fitzalan Howard

Street Lighting:

Tom Fitzalan Howard (Leader),  Colin Smith

Environment & Maintenance:


Railway Liaison:



Contact details for your MP for Mid Norfolk: George Freeman

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