North Elmham Church & Townlands Charity (General Branch)

North Elmham Church & Town Lands Charity (General Branch)

Annual report from the Trustees

Charity Registration No 257304

This charity was formed in 1911 as a “sub division” of the North Elmham Church & Town Lands Charity (Estate Branch)  The Estate branch raises income from land rents that is divided between the PCC and the General branch of the charity for distribution as below.


Martin Phillips (Chairman)  Appointed May 2011

Jennie Borgnis                      Appointed May 2015

Paul Grainger                       Appointed November 2019


Charitable Objects

  1. For the benefit of either the poor of the parish of North Elmham generally, or of such deserving and necessitous persons resident therein as the trustees select for the purpose.
  2. For public purpose in contributions towards the maintenance of any reading room, library or working men’s club available for the inhabitants of the parish or towards any public purpose for which a rate is not levied and having for its objects the benefit of the inhabitants.



  • Generable charitable purposes


  • Children / Young people
  • Elderly / Old people


  • Makes grants to individuals
  • Makes grants to organisations


  • North Elmham


Current formula for grants:

Over the past year we have received complaints from several parishioners that the Charities handouts have wandered from the ideals of those registered with the Charity Commission.  Many people over the last few years have therefore received payments that were not justified under these ideals, which are for payments to be made to:

“Elderly or Old persons, resident in the parish of North Elmham, who are in conditions of NEED, HARDSHIP or DISTRESS.”

Charitable payments are not designed to be given to people as a matter of right, just because they are over 65 or have lived in the village all their lives.

The Trustees have therefore attempted to formulate a framework to try and give the payments to the people who would most benefit from them.  We wanted the charity money to be distributed fairly to those who needed it most. The guidelines were to consider payment to be made to parishioners as follows:

  • People who have lived in the Village for a number of years
  • Who are over 65
  • Who live on their own
  • And who have no source of income other than a State Pension

The Trustees know that changing the old distribution list would upset a few people.  We apologise if we have.  Also, by using the Elmham News to ask people to apply for the payments if they fell within the guidelines, we were able to add a few worthy recipients to the list that had previously not been considered. 

There maybe exceptions to the distribution guidelines and we may not have got it right yet.  But we are trying.  If you have any further comments or, if you know of someone who would benefit from a future charitable gift, please contact the Trustees with their details.

For and on behalf of The Trustees

And North Elmham Church & Town Lands Charity (General Branch)


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