North Elmham Church & Townlands Charity (Estate Branch)

North Elmham Church & Town Lands Charity (Estate Branch)

Annual report from the Trustees

Charity Registration No 210990

This charity was formed in 1911 and has a Governing document registered with the Charity Commission dated 29th January 1915.  There is evidence that this charity existed much earlier that 1911 (circa 1830’s) as lands administered by the Churchwardens known as “the Church Lands” was used to create income to the maintenance of the Church and the benefit of the poor of the parish.

The current charity now collects rents from lands owned in Gressenhall and North Elmham (approx. 80 acres) and distributes the income equally between the PCC and the General Branch of the charity.


Parish Council Trustees

Martin Phillips (Chairman)  Appointed May 2011

Jennie Borgnis Appointed May 2015

Paul Grainger                       Appointed November 2019

PCC Trustees

John Labouchere Appointed May 2011

Arthur Smith   Appointed November 1982

Susanna Wade-Martins Appointed May 2008


Charitable Objects

  1. Half the income for the maintenance, repair and insurance of the parish Church.

  2. The balance for the benefit of the poor and public purpose.



  • Generable charitable purposes

  • Religious activities


  • Other charitable or voluntary bodies


  • Makes grants to individuals

  • Makes grants to organisations


  • Parish of North Elmham






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