Utilisation of Mobile Phone Mast payment

It will not have escaped the notice of most parishioners that the Parish Council received a one-off payment of £40,000 from Shared Access for a 25 year lease of the land on which the mobile phone mast is sited.  This sum represents an annual rent of approximately £1,600.

In June’s edition of the Elmham News, there will be a short questionnaire listing some ideas for utilisation of the money.  It should be emphasised that we on the Council have not yet made any decision on how much of the money should be spent at this stage, or indeed whether or not it should be split between various projects, none of which have so far been costed.  However, we are of the firm opinion that any project that is funded should have a lasting effect, so that anyone resident in our parish in 25 years’ time will continue to benefit from the expenditure.

We would like to obtain the views of the parish, hence the circulation of the questionnaire.  There is one questionnaire per household.  The Council would much appreciate it if the questionnaires could be completed and returned, either to the shop or the Tea Post, by 30th June.  We will then collate the results, from which we hope to get a good idea of what issues are the most important to the parish as a whole.

By way of clarification, the Elmham branch of the Royal British Legion wishes to plant an oak tree to commemorate the end of the First World War in November this year.  The metal tree guard listed on the questionnaire would be erected to protect the tree and the plaque will include a dedication.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire, or the suggested projects, please contact any member of the Council, who would be very pleased to answer them.

Jennie Borgnis

Chair, North Elmham Parish Council